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Foster Program

Want to help make a difference in a cat's life but don't have the opportunity to fully commit to adopting? Sign up to become a Foster Parent for one of our rescue cats today! Fostering allows you to temporarily open your home to a new furry friend and help them form a better bond with humans.


Most of the cats and kittens were taken in by Kit Crew Rescue are in need of socialization or other extra care, including watching over pregnant or nursing momma cats. We are always looking for foster parents to help house the friendlier cats so we are able to take on more attentive rescue cases like the tripod kitten Hopscotch. 

Foster parents should be educated on basic cat care including, but not limited to, cat behavior, litter box cleaning, feeding habits, and common emergency signs. They should provide a separate space in their home for their foster cat to adjust while staying with them. 

If you are interested in our foster program, please fill out the application below! If you have any questions or concerns, check out our contact page!

Kit Crew Rescue's Foster Program is currently only available to those living in Central or South Florida.

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